About Us


Here at Kaboo Trading we have been selling Grandad shirts for over 30 years. The quality and durability of our shirts is as well known as the great service that we provide to many loyal customers. We offer a 'No Quibble' refund if they are anything less than delighted with any of our products. All our clothes are made to the highest standards possible, and we are sure that you will enjoy their comfort and durability. As we also distribute for the Collarless Shirt Company, you will find many shirts carry their label, please be assured the quality of these shirts is the same as those carrying our Kaboo Trading Label.

The Original Collarless Grandad shirts evolved from the traditional Indian Kurta shirt. Popularized during the 1960s by the Beatles and numerous other Pop groups who found the guitar strap sat much better with no collar on the shirt. Today we have over four thousand customers including numerous guitarists and groups buying our shirts, the collarless Grandad shirt has now become a timeless classic. Worn by both men and women of all all ages, this casual shirt can be worn with a jacket to give smarter individual look. Who needs a tie? The Original Grandad shirt is destined never to be out of fashion.

Kaboo Trading, is a family business. We have been marketing collarless shirts by mail-order, and now the internet. Many of our satisfied customers have been with us almost as long. Once you buy your first Grandad shirt from us we are confident you never need to look anywhere else. Looking forward to sending a shirt...or two soon.